Monday, February 20, 2017

Hello to the world. long time since I checked in...

I traveled east to see my family.  I didn't have the pleasure of traveling en-femme but on my return trip, I did wear a bra with cloth padding under my shirt.  Flying out of Vegas was bad because there had been a winter storm the night before and the pilot wanted the plane de-iced.  Waited two hours in the plane to leave.  Missed my connection in Detroit because the Las Vegas de-icing crew did not wish to work.

The real news is that today was a bit of a milestone for me.  I made the choice to wear all female clothes for a trip to the city.  Dangling earrings, painted nails, open toed sandals and my padded bra with breastforms, nice striped blouse and tan velour pants.  I cannot deny that I felt a bit of worry throughout the day but I made it.  I had to engage people at three different stores, too.  I know that this is just the beginning!

Next trip, I'm wearing the skirt!