Sunday, November 8, 2020

Good morning to everyone.

 Welcome to a new version of America, one which will reflect the diversity of our great nation. I'm pleased that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have won the most important election of our lifetimes but if anyone believes that I won't call them out if they act in an un-American manner, you're sorely mistaken. Nobody gets a pass. I may be anti-trump and anti-GOP but admittedly Joe wasn't my first choice. In the end, he was the only choice and one I was proud to make. I watched the speeches last night by both Kamala and Joe. I felt included. I felt like for the first time in four years, I matter. Again, if the Biden administration pulls any hinkey BS I will be among the first to call them out.

Earthquake in Massachusetts! Was it the Earth letting out a sigh of relief?

Alex Trebek died. Nooo! What is Rest in Peace, Alex?

Today is day ten of having pink nails. I decided to not remove the color. I went to work Monday, Tuesday and half of Wednesday when I reported for jury duty. I sat in wait for the grilling by the DA and defense attorneys and apparently passed muster. The trial is estimated to take three weeks. Three weeks away from my office. When I left on Wednesday we were about two days behind. I cannot imagine how bad it will be when I return. To add insult to injury, another worker from my office  was seated on the jury.

I had suggested that I should attend the jury selection in my pink skirt in hopes that it would get me out of it. Instead I only have the nearly invisible pink nails. I think the women in the jury room are curious but unsure of whether it's appropriate to ask about them. 

I'm hoping that I'll be able to enjoy this Sunday out of the house in a skirt and blouse but am unsure if my spouse will feel motivated to go along. The weather is cold and snow is reported in elevations above 5000 ft. This is concerning because I don't really want to drive in "weather." We'll see.

Time to sign off.

Thanks for spending time with me on a chilly Sunday morning.

Go out and spread some sunshine!


Tuesday, November 3, 2020


 Last Wednesday, I had my nails done. I've never had gel polish applied to my nails. When I paint my nails, I use regular nail polish and it never seems to last very long before it chips or is damaged.  I made the decision to not remove the polish. Yesterday was a work day, I proudly wore my pink nails to the office. I love the way my nails look, so smooth and shiny.