Saturday, March 18, 2023

March 2023. about five months "out" at work.

Among the things I've learned since I've come out: 

  • I don't get upset by innocent misgendering of me by others.
  • Hearing someone say "yes, ma'am" to me makes my day.
  • Simple compliments about little things make me feel amazing.
  • It feels a bit weird to have old men flirt with me.
  • If I dress in obvious female clothes. it feels better and people are more likely to "get it right."
It was the right decision for me.  I am much happier in my life than I was six months ago. I feel like a huge burden has been removed from me and I cannot imagine returing to a life where I'm having to pretend to be happy living as a male.  I won't deny that I still feel nervous in certain situations. I think my personal anxiety still has to be controlled before I'm completely at ease in public. There was a guy in the office today that made me feel a bit uneasy.  I'm sure that I was just being judgmental because I didn't know the person but his manneerisms were stand-offish and I try to control where when I'm in public places.  I haven't been out socially with friends since my outing aside from dinner with my wife and or kids.  In early April, I have a plan to go out to a huge charity event and I'll have to be beyond "over the top" with my look.

Have a great week