Friday, January 7, 2022

It happened.

 I did it.  Yep.  No denying it.

New Year's Day, I decided that I'm going to spend the day dressed up.  

The back story:  We've been on a bit of a spending spree lately.  We have bought items from auction houses for about 30 years to resell.  One of the auction houses we've dealt with has stopped selling loose item lots and stopped doing live, in-person auctions while shifting to a focus on higher end estate liquidations and online auctions of return items from companies like Amazon and retail returns from places like Target or Kohls. We've bought one pallet lot from Liquidation dot com and made some money from the things we'd purchased.  

Some of the items we recently purchased were a size 2x maroon dress and a shoulder length red/orange wig.  This, along with nylons, heeled sandals and massive breast forms was what I wore to my ex-wife's house for the annual celebration.  It was nice.  It was fun.  I was comfortable.  In attendance were:  my ex, her gentleman friend and the two adult offspring.  My ex asked if I was uncomfortable in the nylons.  I wasn't.  She also said that my legs looked great in the hosiery.  I think my youngest got my legs!  Their legs are shaped the same as mine.  The five of us all enjoyed the afternoon and evening.  I will say that to the kids, I'm still Dad. To the ex-wife and her gentleman friend, I'm not known as Heather but rather my birth name.  Yes, it was odd/weird to be called that while wearing a nice dress... but I believe no evil intent was meant by it.  When I was getting ready, I made a point of not taking any male clothes.  I could have no backup plan and no way to chicken out.  I had my dress, a cape to keep me warm and my back-up clothes were leggings, my oversized top and a pair of flats. She had told me to wear whatever I was comfortable wearing.  I did and wll again in the future..

Another thing, my current wife and I are going to therapy.  We both have things that need to be worked on so we decided to try to seek a way to resolve the things that are amiss.  In the interest of honesty and openness with our therapist, I told her about my life as Heather.  At this week's session, I chose to wear the same clothes I wore to Christmas.  My wife was a bit uncomfortable because she's not sure leggings are ever appropriate plus she thinks I was too visible...Black leggings with a long shirt, my parts should be pretty well concealed.  I told the therapist about going to the New Year party and she said Heather needs to come to the next session.  I am all for that idea but my wife may be unsure ...

Saturday, January 1, 2022

This day, January 1 2022

We've been invited dinner at the home of my ex-wife and daughters.  The guest list includes my ex, our two daughters her gentleman friend, and who knows who else.  I went for Thanksgiving. The above people and her brother, his wife and their son were there.  After they left, I got my bag of girl clothes from the van and put on leggings and a pink blouse.  I went on Christmas; the brother and family weren't there.  I wore the same leggings with an oversized purple top. I was very comfortable.

I've said it before, everyone can get along. There is tolerance in our relationship. I think that I'm supposed to be angry at my ex but I can't be that way. 

My wife will stay home. She doesn't always like traveling three hours round-trip just to eat. Being on a diuretic sucks and when there is anxiety too, it's even harder to navigate social interactions.

I really want to wear something nice today.  I'm seriously considering wearing my pretty dress. I just don't care.  I also have a new dress that was bought from an auction doing Amazon returns.  I think the style of this new dress is "Body Con."  I tried it on, if I pad myself and fill it properly it looks okay. If something happens to it and I spill something, no biggie.  It cost a couple dollars.

Time to get ready.

Happy New Year.