Thursday, April 16, 2020

COVID-19 and the reality of 2020


Just here to say that I've learned that my son has been confirmed to have COVID-19.
I'm told he's doing ok. He's home and aside from a little difficulty breathing, he's okay.  He's sequestered himself in the basement of his house and my daughter-in-law is remaining upstairs. 

Am I worried? Yes. Am I scared? No. He's in decent health, not quite 30.  His mother is absolutely freaked out. I told her that because he's young and in ok health, he has a good chance of fighting it off.  Hopefully I'm not being overly optimistic. 

He's kinda distant with us.  Always had a "I know more than you" attitude.  We've asked his wife to keep us informed and I'm hoping he tells us everything that is going on.  We've never had a good relationship since Mom and I divorced.

I'll keep everyone posted.


Sunday, April 12, 2020

Easter Drag

Good morning,

I'm no longer a religious celebrant. I was raised Catholic and went through most of the Sacraments.
As we all know, today is Easter Sunday.  Celebrating a rebirth.  As a trans person, we are able to say that we are reborn when we become our real self. 

On Facebook, there is a page named "Growing up in Holyoke, ma" and I follow it.  I was born there, my parents grew up there, my grandparents lived there and I spent plenty of time in Holyoke, Massachusetts.  This page is posting photos of one of the city's annual traditions, the Easter Drag.  In 2020, I'm honoring the tradition by wearing a lovely skirt and colorful top and looking "fine."  I see the photos in their collection, gentlemen and ladies in their finest. Children in suits and dresses.  Ladies with lovely skirt suits and a fur wrap. (Fur is dead, man!) Oh, how the times have changed. 

I have an errand to do today.  I have to bring the household recycling to the town's bins and it will be my personal version of the Easter Drag.

After the recycling run, maybe we'll go for a nice drive into the desert and I can take some photos.

Yesterday I went out to the store for the first time since 4/1.  I drove to Vegas to Costco.  I broke the social distancing rules by visiting my daughters and bringing one to the store.  I wore an over glorified camisole with padded underwire bra with an open white blouse over and dangly earrings, pink cap and floral scarf over my respiratory orifices and still got called "sir."  Going to Costco during the COVID-19 pandemic was a bit surreal.  In a way it was like I'd been transported to Disneyland with all the queuing to enter the store, to get through the front section of the store and to pay.  We were in switchback lines for about 15 minutes to enter and once we got into the store the store was divided to force traffic through the front aisles and along the outer aisle directly to the bakery area.  Not shockingly, there were many people who weren't wearing masks or gloves.  I saw infants, kids under ten, teens and plenty of adults without protective coverings.  At least the majority of employees were fully protected, all of the inside workers and most of the outside people.  I was going for myself and two friends.  The daughters needed a couple things and their mom, too.  I had no problem filling my cart.

It was nice to see my daughters, it's been weeks and I missed them.  It was nice, we called my parents and we all talked for a few minutes.  It is good to be able to know that everyone is doing as well as possible during this weird time in our world. 

Done for now.

Be well. Be safe. Be healthy.


Tuesday, April 7, 2020

A week later, bam!

Good day, eh!

I hope this note finds everyone in good health and spirits.  The house of Heather is doing ok.  The spouse of my boss is still in the hospital without any great improvements. The great part is that he's not getting worse.

Someone in our office decided that we needed some kind of events for the week. Five days, five fun things to do:

  1. Monday, Pajama day. Wear your favorite pajamas to the office.
  2. Tuesday, Twins/triplets day. Find a friend and dress the same.
  3. Wacky outfit/wacky hair day. Wear something wacky.
  4. Sports team day. Wear your favorite sports logo clothes.
  5. Animal prints. Wear something with an animal print or animals on it.
I did not wear pajamas Monday.  It isn't for a want of choices.   My daughters gave Heather a pair of pink pajamas for Christmas and I have some nightgowns but the pajama bottoms are a bit too big and I didn't think it would be a good thing to be constantly having my drawers dropping and my nightgowns are barely to my knees. I was concerned that I would be too inappropriate!

Today was twin day.  Mrs C, who has never participated in our Halloween exploits, suggested we dress alike.  She offered some suggestions but nothing really struck our fancy.  The obvious factor is that we can't go shopping so it was important to find something that exists in our closets.  I asked if she had a white button up shirt and black pants.  She said yes so I mentioned a Harry Potter theme to Mrs C and Mrs S.  Black pants, white shirt, scarf or necktie, pointy thing for a wand, easy peasy!  Of course the ulterior motive was to be able to be Hermione.  Long story short, I had the pleasure of being dressed in a white blouse and black skirt at work.  

Tomorrow is "wacky outfit day."  I told everyone that I don't what to wear tomorrow.  I'd suggested a hippy look.  I have some peasant skirts which would be perfect.  Or I could wear my favorite dress from Halloween. 

Thursday and Friday should be easy.  I have stuff that will be perfect to wear.  I'll just have to figure out tomorrow.

Happy Tuesday.

Take care of yourselves and families.