Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Naughty? Or Nice?

First up, two blog posts in one day? Yes there are!

Hello and greetings from Christmas Evening.

I had suggested to my wife yesterday to go for a drive today as we're not doing anything to celebrate the holiday.  At about 1:30 this afternoon we finally trundled out of the house and into our SUV.  We had decided to visit a nearby nature sanctuary/wildlife refuge.  I'd been there before on my motorcycle and explored some of the refuge about 3 summers ago. 

I think we drove just over sixty miles, probably twenty of them on dirt, gravel and mud road surfaces.  I had intended to wear my tights under a skirt but instead chose to wear nylons, comfy blue skirt and a camisole.   The best part is that my wife took photos of our adventure. I'm working on trying to upload one. Keeping anonymity with the photo is tough.  I will figure it out, soon.

The amazing part of our trip was seeing the amount of water there was in the desert.  We've had rain in the last few days so it is not surprising to see run-off but to have seen huge areas covered with water was pretty amazing.  If we didn't have a body of water 100' along the road at both sides, I'd be shocked. 

The first part of the drive, heading out of town, we had three cars following us. Once I hit the dirt, there were no other cars until we hit the "main" road into the refuge.  I think we saw four other vehicles and then nothing until we got back on pavement.  With so little traffic, a straight road, clear line of sight, it may make for a interesting place to take more photos in the future.  Maybe, just maybe I'll bring more than one outfit next time. I've always wanted to be a bit naughty!

Heading back to town it was close to dinner time.  I chickened out, I admit it.  I ditched the skirt and put pants on to go into the Chinese restaurant but wore a lilac top, festive nails and dangling earrings.

Have a great night,


Merry Christmas to my friends

On this Christmas day, I hope you find peace, joy and happiness. Remember that the spirit inside you is much more important than any material gifts.

I'm hoping to be able to have a full day as Heather with two more over the weekend. The past weekend was nice even though we didn't "do" anything. I had no outside obligations and did my nails in a festive, alternative red and green pattern, wore my new tights, a knit top and cute skirt. I was beyond comfortable.

Monday mornings always make me wonder why I've not just come out to the world.  I feel a sense that I'm letting myself down by not being true to me all the time.  I've expressed this before.  My employer is progressive and bars discrimination against any gender expression. I just need to be me. 

Skipping back two paragraphs, I liked my nails so much... I got up, fed the cat, changed out of my nightgown and into a top and leggings to get the morning newspaper and then painted my nails in the same alternating red and green pattern!  I almost kept my nails painted Monday morning. Coulda, woulda, shoulda...  It's going to be a crossdressed Christmas in my house. 

I love to wear my leggings! I think I have four pair. Three black and one grey, two from Costco that are almost like tights/nylons. Super form fitting and relatively thin. The other two are more like knit pants. I love how they feel and think they really make my legs look terrific.   Just more ramblings.... Blabbering about nails and leggings? Yep! I have 45 years of Heather that didn't get to express herself and sometimes she's just easily distracted by shiny things.

Back to the original thought,
Merry Christmas.

Love to all, peace to everyone and thank you for visiting my blog.


Sunday, December 22, 2019

Hello everyone.

In the days since my last update, I've been busy. Work's been busy. For the first time, I've been asked to work overtime!  My family has been busy. My parents have been a handful for my older sister. I have felt like my days have been non-stop. My spouse has been struggling with physical and emotional health issues. I have the job and the responsibility to keep the house running. I'm not complaining, just expressing the facts. I love my wife dearly and I respect her limitations and she respects the challenges faced by me and supports me. I'm thinking I need another vacation!

On "Black Friday" I visited the L'eggs, Hanes, Bali website and checked out the specials. I've discovered the glory of tights. For the first time, I read the sizing instructions for legwear. Being a bigger person, I chose a size 3x "blackout" tights and absolutely love them and the way they fit.  I've worn nylons before, but these things are amazing. So much more comfortable than anything before. On my wish list will be more of these.

It's been cold and I've not had a chance to go outside but am looking forward to spending a day out within the next week. I don't know what kind of activity I'll enjoy but Heather is going out, and soon! With the tights, a nice skirt, I look nice. 

The new year is almost upon us. We see the promise of the future while having a chance to reflect on the previous months.  A close family member "came out" a year ago and now she's told us that she has a person with whom she'd like to share her life. 

We all must make the most of our days and consider the choices we make on a daily basis. How we present ourselves to our communities, the values we share, the ideals we embrace and who we support/stand behind/stand alongside.  I won't be preachy or too vocal in this forum. I reserve that for other outlets.  But please consider the choices you make. Whether it's a decision to actively recycle, supporting local businesses or putting your support behind the right causes and candidates

I'll say it again, in the coming year I hope to have more opportunity for Heather to be in public. With the "I'm thinking I need another vacation" comment, I really think Heather needs to visit her parents. Traveling is a bit scary but I think I reeeeallllly need to make it happen.

Thanks for stopping in. Sorry if I'm all over the map with my thoughts.

If you celebrate, Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Joyous Festivus, Happy Kwanzaa. Happy Solstice. Happy Yule. If I missed your chosen celebration, my wishes are with you!

Peace, joy and love to all,