Saturday, October 31, 2020

I'm back, again.

 Hello friends,

I know I've been away for too long.

COVID seems to have killed the entirety of 2020. But...I have been prepping for this past week. I didn't want to post another series of promises which I fail to fulfill. This woman had a plan. This woman was going to get things done. This woman was going to succeed and I didn't want to over-promise only to under-deliver!

Among the things which have occurred in the past few weeks, I think I've revealed myself to my ex-wife.

My daughters know and support my choice and the ex was aware of things when we were married but after the split, I NEVER mentioned my trans ness again to her. Ever. Yeah, she saw the photos of my Halloween outfits but I never said anything more.  

Over the summer I was telling the Kids (they're adults but will always be my kids) that I needed to come up with a theme for Halloween. I had stated that a woman at work offered to play along if we would do a James Bond theme with me as the femme fatale.  Another option was the "I always wanted to be a bride" outfit. Youngest kid suggested a 50's theme with a poodle inspired skirt but since I volunteer with a group that offers spay/neuter services for cats and also TNR (Trap Neuter Return) services for feral or stray cats, a kitty skirt. We looked at ideas online, she found a Disney "Aristocats" inspired skirt and we all knew that the plan was in place.  

I let my Mom know what we'd settled on. (I know... never end a sentence on a preposition...) My Mom suggested a white top with a sweater.  We figured out the skirt's fabric color, pink. I have a bra that gives me the perfect "bullet" shape for my breasts. My wife found a pair of white leather Keds and lace ankle socks.  For the last few weeks, I'd drive to the city to offer help in making the skirt.  Youngest Kid had a yellow skirt that we'd use as a rough plan for mine. The two Kids are proficient seamstresses and have created many garments for themselves.  The yellow skirt was made to have a petticoat under.  When one spins while wearing that skirt, it looks amazing. So "foofy!"

For the second to last visit, I brought one of my favorite skirts. Youngest Kid realizes that my skirt "HAS POCKETS!" and uses it to create a pattern to add pockets to my future skirt.

It was on this visit that we did some shopping, picking up a white tee shirt and the cutest pink purse shaped like a Bustier.  After we returned from our shopping trip, ex was there with her beau. I was in semi girl mode, bra, large breast forms, white button up blouse over a floral top. Youngest loved the white blouse so I left it with her. I was in and out of my skirt, the yellow skirt, the blouse, the tee shirt and so on.  I also asked to have an appointment made to get my nails done.  When I left, I was in full girl mode, wearing my skirt and floral top.

Wednesday, 10/28, I returned to the city so we could finish the skirt and do some other prep work.  We got our nails done, Oldest chose black, Youngest took a metallic glitter red and I took a pastel pink to match my skirt. My nails have never looked so good! Usually I do my own nails and after doing home chores, the color is nicked and chipped. These gel colors are amazing, four days in and they still look fantastic!  We all ( Oldest, Youngest, Ex and I) worked on the skirt being the eleventh hour, literally. I think I left that house around midnight. 

I wore the new skirt to work, there wasn't a contest but the consensus I was the in best outfit. I had intended to do other things that day but my body decided it needed to have an allergy day.  After work, I took another round of allergy pills and plopped on the couch and slept through to 7:15 Friday morning. I got up drank a cup of water, took more allergy stuff and resumed my slumber until about 9:30 am.  I guess I was tired.

Friday morning I had an agenda! For Thursday, I had intended to work, cast my ballot in the 2020 general election and get my flu shot... cue Friday. Yes, I pulled up my big girl panties, bullet bra, poodle skirt and white top and went to the polling place. I don't think I got a second look until the polling place volunteer looked at my ID and didn't immediately put 2 +2 together.  Next, I went to the supermarket pharmacy to get my flu shot and bought a week's worth of food. On the way home, I stopped at the volunteer location and said hi to everyone. More rave reviews. At 5:30 I returned to the office, met my wife so I could bring her to the polling place so she could drop off her pre filled ballot.

So, today's Saturday.  We needed more stuff from the store and had to pay for a Costco pumpkin pie a friend picked up. I went back to the supermarket in full girl mode. It was glorious.  I picked up a burger and nuggets for our lunch and stopped off at the friend's home to repay her.  She said I looked divine! Her husband arrived a short time after I got there, D told B that someone stopped by and look who it is. B had absolutely no clue until I lowered my face mask. We're going to see friends tonight, what ever shall I wear? I'm leaving in 20 minutes. I don't know how comfortable I'll be...


I had never gotten a professional manicure and color done before and I'll tell you one thing. I have newfound respect for the people working in nail salons.  The shop smelled like an auto paint facility.  I worked in a factory that closed because the company wished to do wood finishing work and couldn't get the permits to spray lacquers.  But how many nail shops are there in the city? 

Thanks for spending the time to read my story.

Have a great Halloween. If you haven't voted yet, please vote.