Sunday, April 21, 2019

April 21. Just babbling and rambling.

To be reborn?
I am taking the time to think about how I wish to redefine myself.

Every day I look to bring myself closer to living my dream. My life is pretty good and any time I'm "out and about," I'm pushing my boundaries. I wear lingerie under my clothes every day. The bra cups hold my breastforms either an "A" or a "C" size. The C's offer a great enhancement and depending on my choice of bra, they can even bounce or jiggle when I walk.  Yesterday was a C cup day. My Monday through Friday work routine is filled with the A cups.

I drove into Las Vegas yesterday and discovered a clearance sale at Big Lots. All of their undergarments were on sale. Heather needs new bras and instead of getting a hanger with two bras for $10, they were half price. I had to go to two different stores to find another product (granola bars!) and splurged on six new bras. I also went to Costco where they had a new line of bras, priced at 2 for $12.99. I have bought leggings from Costco and know the quality is pretty good with a generous return policy. The leggings have lasted for almost three years so I'm hoping that their bras are as good. I know that the Big Lots bras are not really made to last. If I'm able to wear them for a full season before the elasticity is gone, I'm satisfied.  This morning I washed all of my new bras and it looked like Easter Eggs hanging in the laundry room.

I've started looking into the steps to legally change my name. I know that my state says that on my official ID it is possible to just change the listed gender without requiring submission of any medical documentation.  This will be happening in the future! I'm also going to further research a name change. I can't say how far I'll take my change, in medical terms, but I acknowledge my interest in breast surgery. I'd like to not need to wear inserts every day to fill my cups. I have many questions about making permanent changes and I surely need to contact a counselor or medical professional to make an educated decision.

As always,
thanks for reading my goofy blog.