Thursday, December 27, 2018

New Year

I have heard that if you want to have something happen in your New Year, you must start the year doing what ever it is that you desire.

If you wish to have money, start the year with cash in your wallet.
If you wish to have plenty of food, start with a full cupboard and pantry.
If you wish to have love, be with those you love.

I have a plan.

I'm hoping to be able to wear nice clothes on New Year's Eve and Day also have plenty of food on hand and spend the day with the closest people in my life.

May your 2019 be grand.


Monday, December 24, 2018

December 24 greetings

Hello everyone,
If you are celebrating any of the December holidays, I'm late to the game but may they be happy and healthy.
Peace to all.
Love and respect.


Friday, December 21, 2018

Just do it?

I do hope to be able to bring Heather to work daily rather than only on Halloween.  I am not shy about buying my dress at Dress Barn nor am I shy about the fact that I was able to fit into a size 24.  I think coworker Gina was upset because I'm a size smaller than she is.  She even said she has some dresses I'd be able to fit into!  I don't think my secret is safe at work!  The fact that wearing a dress or skirt requires no belt is another winning fact that I tell my female coworkers.
Like Nike's tagline says, I should "just do it"...

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Busy, busy time of the year.

Good morning friends,

Today has been set up to have us running for the entire day.  My wife has a series of medical appointments scheduled in the city and a person in my life is getting her Doctorate today.  Add all this to with the fact that these events are happening an hour and a half away from ye olde homestead and the day is going to be long.  Two of the medical visits are annual visits and the third is a physical therapy appointment, fortunately nothing bad.  I'd also like to make a couple of stops for myself but I'll have another opportunity this weekend if I cannot do them today. 

The real reason for my writing today is that I would absolutely love to spend the entire day in my amazing Halloween outfit.  It will not happen.  On my friend's big day, I don't want to take away her spotlight or upstage her.  I may just wear a pair of leggings and clingy top for all the medical stuff and switch into boy-ish mode for the graduation.  And Mrs. Heather says I should just do it.  I'd love to but...

Til next time,


ps. I'll keep you posted.

Saturday, December 15, 2018


Hello again,
I've been thinking about society and the way people are.  When you're a person identifying as something outside of the "standard response" as I do, it is hard to become comfortable.
I'm not implying anything in this and it is just my observation, women struggled for acceptance in modern society and in many ways they have succeeded in being accepted as the true equal.  In many cases, a woman can aspire to any job or position in any industry, yes there are jobs women still haven't been invited to hold.  Does a sensible woman really wish to be Pope, RC Priest, leader of the Mormon church, etc?
She can (mostly) wear anything she chooses to most places. 
She can travel independently in the western world; male or female, in 2018 I would never go to Saudi Arabia or places like that.
She has power over her body.  I know that this is contentious in 2018, there are plenty of threats to this from the "religiously infected politicians."

I see articles online about trans-people, begin to feel good when I read them and proceed to the comments.  These are articles telling a survival story or a "how I got here" tale.  Nearly every article has people in reply attacking the trans community for existing.  It is infuriating to see this.  We have a series of laws guaranteeing equal protections under the Constitution but using their "freedom of speech" the commenters attack and insult the trans community. 

Like the debate on abortion:  if you don't like abortion, don't have one.  It is not any person's right to decide for another, equal person. This is a matter that was settled in the 1970's. 

I believe healthcare is also something protected and must be available, affordable (free or reasonably priced) and guaranteed for all.  Yes, if we had better access to mental health services, our society would be much improved.  I feel that I'd benefit from MH counseling, it may help me understand my dysphoria. 

I think to myself often about who and what I am and how I express myself.  How would I benefit if I were to speak candidly with someone about the two personalities inside this single body?