Saturday, October 29, 2022

Living my best life as a woman? Drudgery? Interacting with the 5-O?

On a recent Saturday I put on my favorite pink and purple skirt and went to Vegas to do my usual auction pickups, a bit of shopping and see the kids.

I went to my two auction pickups and was heading to see the kids, stopped at a red light. Light turns green, the guy in front of me decides that he's going to make a left turn from the center lane.  Guy behind me starts blasting his horn, I toot my car's horn to get the guy in front of me to move out the center lane.  He finally moves and I proceed forward. The impatient guy behind me decides he's going to speed past me in the right turn lane and sideswipes me as he goes by.  I went along my way.  He pulls off to the side of the road and I drive along, heading to see my kids.  Next thing I know, my van is being hit from the left side and I'm spinning counterclockwise.  I get out of the van and he says to me, "why did you hit me?"  It was at that point that I decided to not move the vehicle to preserve evidence of skid marks in the road.

He called police, I called 911.  Shortly thereafter, I call my ex-wife and let her know that I'd be late as I'd had an incident.  She tells me that she's going to send her new husband who is a former Las Vegas cop to keep me company.  I told her to let him know that I'd be the one in a skirt.

He arrives and we hang out for a few hours waiting for the officers to arrive.  After a while, he calls to dispatch and updates the information they have on the crash. Telling them about the details of how I had been PIT maneuvered by the other driver.  A while later, my ex arrives followed shortly thereafter by our kids. We're all just hanging out, being silly waiting for the officers.  The other driver had a couple people who had arrived and were chatting with him.  

The officers arrive and my former police officer friend goes to chat with them, after their conversation I speak with the officers and tell my story.  The officers look at the evidence, take measurements and photos of the skid marks and photos of the damage to both cars.  Officers took recorded and written statements from the me and that guy and then release me, I drive away.  My ex stays on scene for a couple minutes and sees that the other guy seems to be arguing with the officers, flailing his arms about. (Not a way to convince someone that your side of the story is right.)

All in all, I had to live a day filled with police interaction and it made no difference that I was in a skirt.

After all this, I missed the opportunity to go to Costco so I suggested to the kids that we go to WinCo foods for me to get some of the groceries I would have bought at Costco. Another interaction with a live person, the store's cashier was wonderful. No rise, no questions, just a nice person doing her job.

I get home and call the insurance company to report the claim. They tell me that the other driver has already reported the incident and apparently claims he's injured.  The claim also says that the incident happened at a different location, miles west of where it happened, and that the driver was MY WIFE! 

The insurance company calls to get a recorded statement from me.  I state that I feel that I was assaulted by the other driver when he slammed into my vehicle with his PIT maneuver. 

A couple days later I get an email from my insurance company to verify who was driving my van and who took the photos of the crash scene and damage to my vehicle.

Me and me I replied.  Spouse was home, many miles away.  I think there is clearly a question about my identity. If someone comes out and asks me directly, I will state the obvious but I didn't volunteer anything.  I guess my look was good enough to pass the test of interaction with other people.

I'll keep everyone posted with this interesting adventure.


Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Pride weekend! Age of Chivalry Renaissance Faire! Such fun!

 Last weekend was really, really busy! Friday night was the Las Vegas Pride Parade in downtown Las Vegas. I worked a half day.  Before the parade, I had to stop and get a replacement battery for my car and I really needed to get my hair cut. Because of timing, it was easier to do those in the same clothes I'd worn to work but I'd brought along my clothes for pride and a folding cot to stay overnight with my kids.  They'd suggested I stay over since we were going to the pride festival the next day and I'd save the cost of fuel driving 140 miles home and back at least once that weekend.  Photos were not my strong point for this trip.

The Pride Parade was pretty amazing.  It seemed that we had the same type of group standing near us, boisterous and attractive to the parade marchers.  The people distributing swag seemed to be gravitating to the people south of us.  We had some people stop for us, though. There was a youngster just north of us, we made sure that the people gave her swag too.  

The greatest thing was knowing that our State's Governor, both US Senators and 3/4 of our US Representatives were in support of the LGBTQ+ community. Many of them were in attendance.  The Las Vegas Sun published an editorial about how the GOP candidates are shunning the LGBTQ community. Of course, their actions prove their intentions.

Saturday brought the Pride Festival. It ran from about 12 to ? but I had to ditch at around 3:30 due to a prior commitment. We did some exploring but I didn't get to see everything because of my time limitation.  The kids stayed late. On the way home, I stopped at both a donut shop and Filipino restaurant. The clerk in the donut shop complimented me on my skirt. Oddly enough, every time I've been into the donut shop, the radio playing in the location has always been tuned to a christian station. Inspirational music! Clerk liked the outfit of a transperson!  I call that a win.

Sunday was the Age of Chivalry Renaissance Fair, an annual tradition for me and my kids.  This year, they brought along friends from work. I'd med the two women at the kid's house but hadn't met one woman's significant other, Caleb, before. I was uncertain of how the new member of the group would react to me in a skirt. No reaction. They're a great bunch of people.

For all three days, I'd worn the same skirt, basically purple, white and pink stripes. Friday and Saturday, I chose a white tee shirt and Sunday I had a blouse that was more like a peasant top.

It was a great weekend.


Sunday, October 2, 2022

Out and about part deux.

 Hey there!

A week ago, more pick ups at the auction house.  Hooray, new bed sheets! Also a trip to a grocery store and another trip to Costco. Same outfit as before. Costco was uneventful but when I went to the register, the very conservative male cashier asked if "person named on card" was here. I replied, yes I am!

It wasn't a solo trip, oldest kid accompanied me.  We stopped at Ulta beauty, too.  I needed something to tint my brows to better match my favorite red wig.  We talked to a customer assistant in the store and I interacted with her. We got a brush on product that should be a better match. 

It was a very positive experience.

It's getting comfortable to be out as Heather. Next weekend, we have a three day Heather schedule. Friday night is the Las Vegas Pride Parade. Saturday is the Las Vegas Pride event. And Sunday, we're going to the Renaissance Faire.  

It's going to be fun.

I'll surely share all the details from the weekend!