Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween success!

I took the challenge!  Worked my 10 hour shift in the office, the women in the office mostly seemed to be ok with my choice.  I didn't want to be a caricature of a woman, I wanted to look like your typical office woman.  Our clientele seemed to enjoy working with me, too.  It was lots of fun.  And then...I got home.  My spouse had a friend come over.  We sat and talked for a couple of hours and I suggested going to dinner. I didn't get our of my skirt, blouse and wig.  The three of us girls went as we were.  So much fun.


Sunday, October 30, 2016

Happy Halloween

I've done something I cannot remember doing too often in the past.  I have set out my clothes for tomorrow.  Skirt, peach colored top with embroidered butterfly and flowers, favorite bra, knickers, nylons and black sandals.  .Also, I've loaded a purse and wallet.  After I do my make-up, my cosmetics will also be placed into my bag.  

My partner in crime texted me earlier, asking if I was still dressing up tomorrow.  I affirmed that I am.  We joked that we hope we're not going to get into trouble for cross dressing at work.

I am so excited to be able to dress up at work.


Well said, Tim Gunn 

I think what he is saying is great.  It doesn't go far enough, though.  I think the sizing conventions need to be re-addressed.  I should be able to buy the same numeric size from any manufacturer and get a comparable fit.  Also, only have one sizing convention.  Eliminate something, too.  Why is there a juniors size, regular size and a woman's size.  I've found nice clothes that were marked XL but I don't know what tiny person would be considered XL in that world. 

The next thing is...Tim Gunn left out our demographic.  What the Hell is the big idea behind clothing not readily available to women, trans or genuine, who may have a longer torso.  I don't want to wear a camisole, tank or blouse that fits like a "belly shirt."  Then there's the lengths of women's pants.  Do they think that all women have the same inseam?  And... the lengths are two inches apart.  In men's sizes, I can get a 29, 30, 31 or whatever.  Jeez.

Rant over.

ps.  I would love to be a model on "Project Runway!"  It would be fabulous to be fit with clothes made just for me! 


Saturday, October 29, 2016

Just came back from the yard sale at the VFW.

My spouse and I enjoyed our morning.  She has a bit of anxiety in public and because of my job, I don't like to have people who visit my office seeing me out in the world but we both made it through the day.  We even made some money, Yay.

I've never bought make-up.  I figured that with my past outings if I was getting out of the car, I'd be a natural girl.  Letting the glow of my skin be all the color I'd need.  Going to the office, on the other hand....I'd have to look a certain way.  I went to Walgreens and bought my first mascara, lipsticks, foundations and eye shadow.  It'll be interesting to see if I end up looking like one of those scary clowns that everyone keeps reporting.  I have a day and a half to practice... I bought ten cosmetic items and a gift Frappuchino for my spouse for the princely sum of $15.69.  Not bad, gotta love clearance!

Friday, October 28, 2016

Our weekend of dreams?

I have the day off of work and don't have to return until Monday.  Halloween.  My original plan for the weekend was to do everything en-femme.  No EXCUSES!  My, how plans change.  We've decided to try selling stuff Saturday at a flea market in the parking lot of the local VFW.  No, I cannot attend this event dressed in a skirt and blouse, as much as I'd like it.  Our town is just a bit too conservative, religious or is it too Republican...  Most of my home time is already spent dressed up, even/especially if I'm some kind of work or cleaning something.  I'll still spend at least part of today, Saturday afternoon, all of Sunday and Monday as Heather and I'll love it. 

Thursday, October 27, 2016

I have a partner in crime for Halloween!

I told my deskmate of my plan to dress in a skirt on Halloween.  My "reason" that I told her was that so many people come into the office and reply to me, yes ma'am.  She, said that she would wear a suit and tie in contrast to my skirt.  Immediately after my telling her this, a person came in and replied to me...yes ma'am.  We both chuckled.  I'm so looking forward to Monday!

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Someone wants to know how I"m going to dress on Monday!

My direct co-worker aka my deskmate wants to know what I'm wearing for Halloween.  She suggests that we wear something similar.  Do  I tell her my plan and have her and I look lines like twins?   She is a very nice looking (stunning!) woman and I'm...average.  I will make some kind of decision tomorrow!

Sunday, October 23, 2016

The sadness of Monday

I often feel bad that on Monday morning, Heather is hidden beneath a man's button down collar and khakis.  Sure, I'm almost always "underdressed." And I do have polished toenails and sometimes there's a subtle hint of polish on my fingers but Heather needs to know the satisfaction of going to work like any ordinary Joe. 

When I'm "underdressed," I will usually wear a lightly padded bra with some cotton handkerchiefs folded into a triangle as an augmentation but I also own two pair of breast forms, a set of "A" and a "C" size.  I have a couple of shirts that are loose enough that I have worn the "A's" out in the world while in drab-mode.  I'm considering enjoying a day at work with my "A's" under the stuffy office attire.  This may help my desire to spend more time as Heather.  My biggest complaint is that the breast forms all have protruding nipples.  I don't know of a woman who has stiff nipples all the time so clearly it is something to sell the product but I'm not looking to sell any product.  My goal and desire is to be dressed as I please.   I'm not needing assistance in attracting attention.  Ok.  Rant over.

Of course, I'm still toying with the prospect of celebrating our day "out" a week from Monday but lately I am feeling a personal pressure to come out and just live as Heather... 24/7.  When at home, I'm almost never wearing male clothes unless I'm doing some kind of labor that may damage my nicer clothes. 

Saturday, October 22, 2016

So close!

My spouse and I needed to pick up some auction items that we won, make a return to kmart and run a couple of errands.  It meant that we'd be driving to Las Vegas.  I'd finally worked up the gumption to make the trip en-femme... and then... as we're walking to the door...  knock, knock, knock.  I say to her, "I'm not opening the door."  I head for the bedroom and she gets the door.  Spouse's bestie stopped by to see what we're up to...  After a couple of minutes, I realize that bestie isn't leaving so I pull a shirt and pants and ditch my skirt and blouse.  I head outside to greet bestie, we talk, she takes off and we drive off to Vegas.  Ok, I think I've decoded that I need to tell bestie.  I can't freak out every time she comes over.  There are times that I've had to find a button up shirt over my bra and I almost always have my nails painted on the weekend.  She should be ok with my choice of clothing.  We've never heard bad comments from bestie regarding a person's lifestyle. 

Oh, and the auction purchase was a group of purses that we bought to resell but we may keep a couple for spouse and myself.

We also found that we had $40 in points at kmart.  Something about buying clearance stuff a couple of days ago.  It was great being able to go on a shopping spree and not having to pay for the stuff!

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Our "Personal Holiday" or is it just Halloween?

We all know that Halloween is revered as a day we can do anything and go anywhere dressed as we like.  Can I have the strength to go to work en-femme?   My dream is that at the end of the work day, I will proclaim "this is the greatest thing I've ever done, so comfortable" and tell them that I'll be wearing a skirt to work every day.

I think I need to roll with anything that may come from going to the office in a blouse, skirt, hose and heels.  I don't think there will be bad comments from my co-workers but I am the only male and as far as I know the only one with gender issues. The women are all married or divorced and I don't think any are lesbian.  There are some that are "ultra-conservative" or religious but I am hoping that they'll be cool.  Fortunately, all of the bosses are pretty cool and seem to be open minded.

One of the odd things that happens when people talk to me in the office is that people often reply "yes, Ma'am" to me.  This happens both with co-workers and clients, it is almost as if they already know!  I've never alluded to my being transgender beneath my work slacks and button-down collars but I get a sense of satisfaction out of it.

My office is closed Friday the twenty-eighth and always I'm off on the weekend.  I plan to take advantage of the entire weekend to dress, do errands and generally do anything en-femme.  I've already shared this with my spouse and she's fine with it.  The edict was issued that if we are going to dress in the office, the outfit cannot be offensive to our co-workers or clients.  I don't think it'll be offensive to anyone but some may be taken aback by the sight of me, the first person our clients meet.  Do I buy make-up for this adventure?  The only thing I have is some nail varnish in various colors.  It'll be a good excuse to get a foundation, mascara and lipstick.  Or do I go for the natural look by skipping the make-up and breast forms. 
Why do I need to worry about this.... GIRL PROBLEMS!