Thursday, April 16, 2020

COVID-19 and the reality of 2020


Just here to say that I've learned that my son has been confirmed to have COVID-19.
I'm told he's doing ok. He's home and aside from a little difficulty breathing, he's okay.  He's sequestered himself in the basement of his house and my daughter-in-law is remaining upstairs. 

Am I worried? Yes. Am I scared? No. He's in decent health, not quite 30.  His mother is absolutely freaked out. I told her that because he's young and in ok health, he has a good chance of fighting it off.  Hopefully I'm not being overly optimistic. 

He's kinda distant with us.  Always had a "I know more than you" attitude.  We've asked his wife to keep us informed and I'm hoping he tells us everything that is going on.  We've never had a good relationship since Mom and I divorced.

I'll keep everyone posted.


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