Friday, November 2, 2018

Long time, no me but I'm back!

Hello readers,
I've not made a blog posting in FOREVER! I'm back and I'll try to update my page more frequently.

Since my last update, I've traveled by plane across country to see family.  During my two and a half weeks of summer spent on vacation, I made a decision to present less male in that other state.  I saw the photos and marveled at my look.  It's clear that I'm more generously endowed up top than I ever was.

If you're ever looking to purchase new clothes, I highly recommend Dress Barn. Three weeks ago I stopped by one of their stores to get an idea for my Halloween outfit.  The salesclerk was wonderful, she offered ideas about the fit of the dresses and colors which may best work with my complexion.  I spent almost $50 for a dress and new earrings.  I bought them for my workday on October 31.  I went to work in my dress and heels, garter belt and seamed stockings and my wig. Before work, I stopped at the grocery store to buy Halloween candy, too.  After work, I went to a Trunk or Treat event and handed out almost $100 in candy with a friend. Our evening was topped off with dinner out at a casino.  The place was holding  a contest for people dressed up, I decided to enter the contest and took second place!

Today was the final day of early voting.  I rushed home after work to change my clothes and put on my lingerie, dress and heels and hastily painted my nails and met my wife at the polling place. I cast my ballot.

I just want to remind every person to be yourself.  My most recent experiences gave me a huge confidence boost.  I feel so good about myself.

Thanks for reading my blog.

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