Sunday, November 21, 2021

What may happen?

 A friend posted on the evil social media website about an event happening in the near future.

It is happening at a gay bar. The friend is a married woman. I know her professionally. 

I think I may have been to a gay bar once back in the '90's. The local chapter of Tri ESS held a meeting at an old bar in Vegas. I don't really remember what happened there. It would have been the second time I'd been to one of their meetings, the first was at someone's home. I didn't dress up for either event. The house one was in the afternoon or during daylight hours and the one at the bar was in the evening, maybe around dusk? I don't remember going anything again with Tri ESS after that.

I attended some adult events around that time, too. The Las Vegas Fetish and Fantasy Halloween Ball was quite a wild event. I think I went four times. The first time, solo. Dressed in a short pleather skirt, white blouse, black vest, 4" heels (which I still have and have worn to work).  The second time I went with a male friend. Pretty much the same outfit. After my divorce, I went for the third time. I placed an online personal ad for a companion, met a woman named Terrie and the two of us decided on a theme. Babies. We found one piece pajamas in pink and blue. There was zero chemistry. It was just a night out. The last time I went was probably in 2000 or 2001. The event had scaled back and instead of being in the convention area of a hotel, it was in a nightclub. "Jerry Tarkanian's Shark Tank." Just north of the MGM Grand hotel on the Las Vegas Strip. I had stopped dressing by then so I chose to buy a caveman outfit like a one shouldered dress. I cut the to portion to cover less of my torso and shortened it by about six inches. The original length was around my knee and I shortened it to just long enough to cover everything and not be scandalous. Under that I had a leopard print g-string and I had a purse to carry my ID money and credit card.  I'd parked at the MGM parking garage. To be able to walk from the garage, through the casino, up the sidewalk and into the nightclub I wore a a tee shirt and sweat pants over my caveman outfit.  I used the facility's coat check to store my sweats and tee shirt. At the end of my night, I went back to the coatcheck, collected my street clothes, took off my caveman outfit (remember, under was just a g-string) and pulled on my real clothes.

The upcoming event sounds like a mixture of a drag show, a comedy show, a game show and stripping? Sprinkled liberally with some adult beverages.

I'm not the "liberal adult beverages" type but more the I may have one or two and be the designated driver four hours later type.

The thing is that she's aware of my dressing for the October holiday and it would be a fun time to attend this as Heather. I am halfway tempted to do this "just because."

The woman who was instrumental in hiring me loved bingo. When she retired, we had a standing date to go to a drag queen bingo event but then COVID hit and her health isn't great so we've never had a chance to go out but I absolutely would show up in a dress or skirt for bingo with her. I know she's an ally. We'd talked about trans people before she retired and she told me about her former nephew who is now her niece and how she loves that they're happy living their authentic life.

I have to put time aside to go to drag queen bingo. It is very important, she's not getting younger. And yes, if the possibility of going to the show at the gay bar comes up I'll be there.

Will I dress up? Time will tell.

Have a nice week.


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