Sunday, September 18, 2022

Follow up and more!

 Hi  friends!

Yes, I went to Costco last Saturday. Sunday morning arrived and I needed a few things that I didn't want to buy in a super-sized Costco package.  I put on the same clothes from the previous day and went to my local grocery store.  The only difference was that I chose to wear a wig instead of the cap.  Yes, I've gone shopping to this local store en femme during Halloween outings and even gotten my flu shot three years ago on one of the trips but never had done so on a mundane Sunday in September.  Again, totally uneventful and absolutely wonderful.

In my recent posts, I mentioned the auction house.  They handle "online returns."  Mostly Amazon but some other e-commerce retailers too.  

I've gotten some very nice clothes, some leggings, nylons, tee shirts and lots of bras from these auctions at excellent prices and my spouse and I have gotten some great deals on household items, cat food and cat litter.  The clothes mostly have been for under $5 per item.

When I traveled to see my family, I'd worn my largest pair of breast forms and taken three sets of breast forms for daily wear and sleeping.  Upon opening my suitcase, I discovered that my "A" cup forms had ruptured. Luckily they were in a plastic bag so there was no contact between the gel filling and my clothing.

I ordered two sets of replacement forms, one set of "A" and one set of "C" cups.  I usually get about 6 months of daily use from a set before the fail and I've been using the "C"s since last December.  When I got home from my trip, I'd looked at the auction items and discovered "returned" breast forms up for bid. Searching a bit more, I discovered silicone breast plates for sale.  I'd never bought anything like this because I didn't know how they'd fit my ample frame.  I took the plunge and bid on a set of  Vollence "strap on" breast forms and two silicone breast plates.  For about $30, I have three new items.  My spouse picked up the auction items yesterday.  The two sets of forms I'd ordered earlier were about $80.

I'm going to share what I learned from spending $30 on fake breasts. Reminder, these are all e-cmmerce returns and have no original packaging, care instructions, information regarding the manufacturer or original seller. Sometimes the auction listing is the generic page title showing every combination of product sold in the listing.  Multiple "skin" color choices and sizes offered by the seller. I washed each set in my sink with a biodegradable non-detergent soap and hand dried them with a clean towel.  FYI, DON'T wear these vest style breastplates if you don't have someone around to help extricate you from the breastplates!  It was funny, when we were trying to remove them

First item: "Vollence Strap on Silicone Breast Forms Fake Boobs for Mastectomy Crossdresser" product review.  This set has a pair of large circular breasts with bit of a collar.  The breasts are fairly close together.  They almost look like they're too close together.  Adjustable clear straps extend from the sides of the breasts and from the shoulders crossing the back to secure.  The "flesh" tone is a golden tan. The nipples are soft and elevated but not ridiculous.  The surface is very smooth and glossy but the smoothness shows some wrinkles.  I don't think I'd be able to wear this set in public if their neckline were visible.  Who knows how long they've been sitting smooshed in a shoebox on a pallet inside a warehouse. If I had purchased them at retail and received what I got yesterday, I'd return them for a refund but for pennies on the dollar, I'm satisfied with them. I may be able to wear them under a tee shirt or certainly under a turtleneck.

Second item: "ARRIZE Silicone Breastplate Crossdresser Breasts D Cup Realistic Breast Plates for Transgender Drag Queen" product review.  Prominent nipples angled nicely. The breasts are close together.  Super stretchy and it seems to have enough stretch to fit me but this one is tight. The neck was pretty constrictive. With assistance, I was able to get this set on and it took plenty of effort to remove.  I'm certain that it will be the only time I'll wear this.  

Third item: "Silicone Breastplate" Yup, that and one photo is all the auction listing showed.  No idea of what kind of pig in a poke was coming.  The breasts are slightly smaller than the other breastplate but this one has more stretch and is much more comfortable.  This breastplate has very prominent and firm nipples which are odd and angled outward.  The breasts are closely placed.  I was able to put this on without assistance, removing was another story.  


Fourth item: "CeesyJuly Womens Shapewear Butt Lifter Padded Control Panties Body Shaper Brief SIZE XXL"  2XL is for a 24" waist. I'm fairly certain that the circumference of one my thighs is close to 24"  It's tiny.  I don't think I had a 24" waist when I was in high school! Maybe a 29 but 24? No way!  Too small to review!

Fifth item:  "Defitshape Women's Padded Seamless Shapewear Panties Hip Enhancer Underwear Shaper Shorts 5x"  It actually fits. It actually pads my hips. It has nothing for the rear, just the sides.It isn't the most comfortable garment to wear though.  I think it'll work very well along with the item below.

Sixth item.  "Women Hip and Butt Enhancer, 4 Removable Pads Panties High Waist Trainer Shaper Size: 3XL"  It's a bit uncomfortable but it fits and adds padding in places I need some extra help.  

Hope the coming week is nice


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