Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Busy, busy time of the year.

Good morning friends,

Today has been set up to have us running for the entire day.  My wife has a series of medical appointments scheduled in the city and a person in my life is getting her Doctorate today.  Add all this to with the fact that these events are happening an hour and a half away from ye olde homestead and the day is going to be long.  Two of the medical visits are annual visits and the third is a physical therapy appointment, fortunately nothing bad.  I'd also like to make a couple of stops for myself but I'll have another opportunity this weekend if I cannot do them today. 

The real reason for my writing today is that I would absolutely love to spend the entire day in my amazing Halloween outfit.  It will not happen.  On my friend's big day, I don't want to take away her spotlight or upstage her.  I may just wear a pair of leggings and clingy top for all the medical stuff and switch into boy-ish mode for the graduation.  And Mrs. Heather says I should just do it.  I'd love to but...

Til next time,


ps. I'll keep you posted.

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