Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Naughty? Or Nice?

First up, two blog posts in one day? Yes there are!

Hello and greetings from Christmas Evening.

I had suggested to my wife yesterday to go for a drive today as we're not doing anything to celebrate the holiday.  At about 1:30 this afternoon we finally trundled out of the house and into our SUV.  We had decided to visit a nearby nature sanctuary/wildlife refuge.  I'd been there before on my motorcycle and explored some of the refuge about 3 summers ago. 

I think we drove just over sixty miles, probably twenty of them on dirt, gravel and mud road surfaces.  I had intended to wear my tights under a skirt but instead chose to wear nylons, comfy blue skirt and a camisole.   The best part is that my wife took photos of our adventure. I'm working on trying to upload one. Keeping anonymity with the photo is tough.  I will figure it out, soon.

The amazing part of our trip was seeing the amount of water there was in the desert.  We've had rain in the last few days so it is not surprising to see run-off but to have seen huge areas covered with water was pretty amazing.  If we didn't have a body of water 100' along the road at both sides, I'd be shocked. 

The first part of the drive, heading out of town, we had three cars following us. Once I hit the dirt, there were no other cars until we hit the "main" road into the refuge.  I think we saw four other vehicles and then nothing until we got back on pavement.  With so little traffic, a straight road, clear line of sight, it may make for a interesting place to take more photos in the future.  Maybe, just maybe I'll bring more than one outfit next time. I've always wanted to be a bit naughty!

Heading back to town it was close to dinner time.  I chickened out, I admit it.  I ditched the skirt and put pants on to go into the Chinese restaurant but wore a lilac top, festive nails and dangling earrings.

Have a great night,



  1. It is so nice to hear of someone starting to get out while cross dressed. For me that is a wonderful thing but for my wife she does live in fear that bad things can happen if I am out while dressed.
    I am also a very large guy, well over 6' and 250 lbs. Add in some heels and I am hard to miss. Nevertheless, I have not had any bad encounters when out and about. I mostly go to quiet bars and restaurants on slow nights.
    In warmer weather I have taken to going out in semi-guy mode. I wear beige/nude pantyhose under shorts. I have gone out to dinner with my wife so attired and have had not issues.
    I think every time we stretch the envelope a bit I gets easier the next time out.

  2. As we were heading back toward town, we were considering dinner choices. I was strongly considering going to the restaurant in my skirt, rather than the pants. We had two conversations, my wife had a fear that I'd be targeted and harmed. (I work in a public place, I'm often recognized when we're in stores around town.) I was thinking, I didn't care. I need to be out! The second thing on my mind was that it had been hours since we'd left home and I was uncomfortable using a public restroom.

    Once we got to the restaurant, I had my jacket open and it was pretty obvious what was under my lilac top. One nice thing about that Chinese restaurant is that I think there may be an Asian transwoman working there.

    I agree With every step, it gets easier.