Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Follow up to "outed"

 Hello everyone!

I'm a volunteer. I've been with two organizations for a while. One involves monitoring a remote historic site in the desert with some amazing petroglyphs. One involves cats.

One group will have a dinner for volunteers in the near future. Some of the people have seen Heather either for Halloween, when they visited my office or at charity events held in the past but I've never "come out" to anyone in that realm. 

I'm attending the dinner in a dress and heels. I'm genuinely looking forward to it. It'll be lots of fun and I won't have to race home from work, change my clothes and race back nearly to the location of my office and miss a portion of the event.

If anyone has a problem, NBD. 

No. Big. Deal. 

I'm going to look good, have a great time and FEEL LIKE A MILLION BUCKS!

Speaking of "problems,"

Last week, I spent my three days at the office on our front desk, checking in customers.

Apparently one older (mid/late 60's, wearing desert camo) guy was bothered by the "man wearing a dress" at the front. I'm not sure who he was talking about, I was wearing a blouse and jeans. The co-worker who had the pleasure of dealing with him was totally patronizing toward him after he expressed his concerns about my clothes. The irony of this is I had just started a large copying job.  I said "I just started, if you want to go first..." She told me of his opinion, and we agreed that he needed to wait for ALL of my copies to be finished before she would go.

The moral of the story is, "Be careful about speaking ill of others because you may have to wait an additional fifteen minutes to get done."

This is the first time in a few months that I've heard someone have a bad opinion of my existence.

Have a great night


ps. Yes, I still have stories to tell from my traveling across the nation.

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