Saturday, August 19, 2023

Another day in the books.

Hi everyone!

My wife and I used to be responsible for a huge part of the "operation" with the volunteer group. There are many people involved with the group in 2023 and the two of us have taken different roles. In the past, each of us would regularly have direct interaction with the people using our group's services, again lots of volunteers so we're doing other things.

We went to the city yesterday. My wife had a follow-up dental visit and I had prescriptions to be filled and some ready to collect that had been ordered from the wrong pharmacy.  I wore a black skort, black lace bra with my biggest breast forms and a white vee necked tee shirt to take care of all of our business while she was being attended to by the dentist. Everything went well.

Yesterday, there were other events happening for the group and my wife and I were called in to do what we used to do on a weekly basis. After we got home from our visit to the city, we had a couple of hours to kill and then went out.  I changed my shirt so I wouldn't soil it, changing it to my regular pre-stained volunteering shirt. It was a good day. When we got there, the driver was already there and another volunteer too. It really would have been better if the volunteer guy had stayed home, he created more of a hassle than was necessary. Loud. abrasive and much like a bull in the china shop when we needed calm. One lady who received help from our group had been helped in the past and I remembered her from that previous visit and I see her regularly at my "real" job. She addressed me as "Miss." Woo hoo!

I've interacted with so many people in many different ways over the last few days. I'm so much more comfortable in life as Heather than any other way. This has been one of the best life decisions that I've ever made. 

Just another day in the life, I guess.


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