Thursday, August 17, 2023


I attended our group's thank you event IN A DRESS!

It was as amazing as I'd imagined it would be.

I wore the same dress I'd worn last year on Halloween and when I'd voted in the mid-term elections. Most of the volunteers for the organization were there, if there is anyone not sure about who and how I am after's their problem. 

One of the women is also originally from Massachusetts. In many ways, we're very much alike. A few years ago, she realized that we had a mutual friend who ran the group. My wife knew her and her husband. I was aware of her but had no real interactions so I knew her only in passing. I saw a reply message on social media from her one night basically saying that I needed to accept her friend request. I did and then all of her direct messages popped up. I don't know how it was that I didn't receive them until after befriending her online... I'm glad I did! She's really a great person. Her husband, too. I met her daughter tonight for the first time. Much like her Mom, good natured and nice.

So... backing up a bit... My wife and I arrive at the event, our friend sees my wife but doesn't recognize me. (Remember, I'm in a dress and I didn't tell anyone what I'd be wearing. They had NO idea.) Then she realizes it's me! She, her daughter and husband are all smiles when I stop at the table where they're sitting. We chatted and had a great time.  Daughter asks about how I achieve my figure, is it a breast plate or "cutlets." Cutlets! With the dress I'd chosen, I needed to be voluptuous and wore my biggest breast forms.  Mom and daughter tell me that I remind them of Lucille Ball. OMG! Now I'll never not see myself in that dress without thinking of Lucy! I really see it as a great honor.

I had a great day!

I'd said to my co-workers earlier this week that the dinner was happening and that I was a bit nervous. I was tempted to run home, change gender and clothes and run back. Co-workers said just go! Yup. That was the best idea. It was fun. Nobody said anything, at all. Who knows what will be said in private and honestly, I don't even care because I enjoyed a great time with my wife and our friends.

Okay, time to go.

I have cats to feed and chores to do.  

Have a great night.


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